Dinosorts - Visual Perception Activity Cards
Dinosorts - Visual Perception Activity Cards

Visual Perception within the Shape and Space section of the Numeracy Strategy, needs a variety of activities giving experience in identifying same or different properties, an understanding of the language of maths and development of logical thinking.

Your children will love collecting "sets" of these Dinosorts Cards which can be used as a one-to-one activity or as games for up to six players, finding and collecting 'twos', 'threes', or 'fours' of cards with the same or different properties.

The 72 cards consist of 3 sets of 24. Each set with 3 large and 3 small Dinosorts in each of 4 colours with either spots, stripes, or stars on their bodies. Printetd on durable and washable plastic 'cards' 8cm x 6cm, complete with teachers' instructions for activities and games.

Ages: 4 years +

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