Zome Tool - Pioneer Kit
Zome Tool - Pioneer Kit

Zome is a completely unique construction 'toy' in that it is easy enough for a 6-year-old to play with, while at the same time letting adult users build truly mind-boggling models.

ZOME is:

  • A Fun Construction Toy for Kids
  • A Learning Aid for Teachers
  • A Research Tool for Scientists

  • The Construction Toy
    Many of the construction toys available today use magnets to stick together. Thatís pretty cool, but unfortunately the weight of the parts restrict building any large or mobile structures. Zome uses precisely constructed pieces that fit together perfectly and offers the ability for kids to expand their objects in up to 61 different dimensions! When completed a Zome built object can be picked up, turned around, and examined from any angle.

    The Educational Toy
    Zome is the most versatile and most fun construction toy ever built. It is based on actual mathematical principles of nature. Its construction allows the modeling of geometric shapes, molecular structures, quasicrystals, and more. Yes, Zome is fun AND educational, at the same time.

    The Learning Aid for Teachers
    Zome is used in over 6,000 schools and institutions across the US and in numerous schools and universities across the globe. It is used in grades one through the university level to help teach algebra, scale, number sense, symmetry, proportion, geometry, DNA structure, trigonometry, and more.

    The Pioneer Kit is great for people who have never experienced Zome. Build the simplest models, from a house or a flower, to more advanced models such as a "squashed" icosahedron or a shadow of a 4-D cube. The kit contains 121 Parts that include:
  • 25 white nodes,
  • 16 each of 3 lengths blue struts,
  • 10 each of 3 lengths yellow struts,
  • 6 each of 3 lengths red struts.
  • Concise color instruction booklet, with models, bubble recipe, and more.

  • This kit is packaged with a plastic tray for sorting and storing parts.

    Award Highlights:
  • Parenting Magazine: Best Toys of the Year 1995
  • Parents' Choice: Approval Award 1995

  • Ages: 6 years +

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