Master multiplication facts and divisibility rules while having fun playing card games with this unique deck of 171 cards. By removing certain cards the deck adapts to 6 levels of play. Players play until they have mastered a given level then move to the next.

Four Card Games may be played:

  • Prime Challenge - Players in turn form factor sets from a 12-card (or 9-card) foundation. Challenges are made by opponents when a player overlooks factor sets or makes a mistake.

  • Prime Solitaire - To win, a player must clear a foundation by forming factor sets. This must be done before going through the draw pile once, one card at a time.

  • Factor Rummy - Holding a hand of 11 (or 10) cards, players try to be the first to fill their hand with factor sets.

  • Prime Canasta - A sophisticated Factor Rummy game. For serious players.

  • In all four games players form factor sets. Because 80 = 8 x 10, the numbers 80, 8, and 10 form a factor set. Factor sets can have more than three numbers. For example, the set 42, 3, 2 and 7 is also a factor set. A factor set must contain a result and the numbers that multiply to give that result. Prime wild cards are used for prime numbers only.

    Ages: 7 to Adult.

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