Shout SETŪ and everyone checks to see if you have discovered the three cards that form a SET from the twelve laid face up on the table. You are now one point ahead, and the dealer lays out three more cards. The search starts again. There are no turns, so you don't wait to pick up the action. Age is no advantage in this game, so try this on your parents!

Set can be used to teach mathematical concepts at home and in the classroom. To find out more and to play the Daily Puzzle, click here.

Set is the winner of 12 Best Game Awards including:

  • MENSA, the high IQ society, in a national competition chose SETŪ as one of the top five games for 1991.
  • Games Magazine chose SETŪ as one to the top 100 games of 1992,1993,1994, and 1995.
  • The Canadian Toy Testing Council awarded SETŪ its highest rating of "***" in 1992.
  • OMNI Magazine chose SETŪ as a top game for 1991.
  • The Consumers Association of Quebec awarded SETŪ "*****" (their highest rating) in 1992. In addition SETŪ received their special AWARD of EXCELLENCE - a definite hit") in its 1993 game survey.
  • The Detroit News gave SETŪ "****" (its highest rating — "a definite hit") in its 1993 game survey.
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    Ages: 6 and up.

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