Spelling and Reading Game - Final Blends
Spelling and Reading Game - Final Blends

Final Blends is a unique card and dice game for reading and spelling with final consonant clusters, and for use as consonant sound flashcards.

A lot of children can handle blends at the beginning of the word, but come unstuck when it comes to spelling them at the end. This can sometimes be as a result of auditory discrimination problems, although this is not always the case. Final Blends is an excellent resource for enabling students to keep practising a range of these final sounds until spelling them is no longer a problem, and to have fun while they are doing so!

Sounds covered: nd, ng, nk, nt, nch, tch, ld, lk, mp, ft, st, sk. Various playing options allow for very competitive, quick-thinking play, or straightforward turn-taking rules that give no player any advantage over the other. 2-6 players can play the game.

Pack contains 55 consonant + vowel or consonant cluster + vowel cards, and 2 final blend dice. The cards are standard playing card size and come packaged in a clear plastic zip wallet.

Ages: 5 years+

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