Trilemma is a multi-level maths game to support numeric strategy in an entertaining way. Trilemma tests the times tables and other mathematical functions non-sequentially. This challenging game of chance and skill can be played in a mixed age group with different players choosing different levels within the same game.

The game requires players to answer math questions correctly before they can place counters on numbered squares. The first team to place three counters in a row wins. The board is numbered 1-100; two teams of players take turns asking each other questions from the question cards. The cards are divided into three levels of difficulty. In the first level, only the 2, 5, and 10 multiplication tables and simple division skills are needed to answer, while the middle level of difficulty requires all the multiplication tables. The highest level of difficulty contains questions about topics such as prime numbers, factors and multiples, and square numbers. All possible answers are listed on the cards. A typical high level question asks for a multiple of 2 which is greater than 60 and less than 70.

Contents include a game board, 60 multi-level cards and 40 coloured counters.

Ages: 6 years +

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