Hoberman Flight Ring - MultiColor
Hoberman Flight Ring - MultiColor

Chuck Hoberman has been inventing magically transforming structures since he was a child. With an education in both art and engineering, Chuck’s “unfolding structures” appear in toy stores, museums and public spaces around the world. The toys are all based on the patented well known designs meant to inspire children to be inventive and creative in their own lives… and of course to have fun!

The Hoberman Flight Ring is a pocket-size disk that snaps open effortlessly into a full-size flight ring. Carry it anywhere in a pocket or purse; it's ready to play when you are! Open the Flight Ring by pulling out on opposite sides until it is fully extended. Before each toss, snap the edges down to flatten the ring and fly it with the print side down for the best aerodynamic performance. When you're finished playing, close the Flight Ring by pushing the outer edges toward the center — and slip it back in your pocket!

The Hoberman Flight Ring has won the Oppenheim Best Toy Gold Award.

Ages: 6 years +

This product was added to our catalog on Monday, 07 February 2005.
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