High Performance Stomp Rocket
High Performance Stomp Rocket

The High Performance Stomp Rocket is great fun for kids and adults alike. It is an exciting flight toy that requires no batteries.

The complete kit includes the blast pad, hose, stand, and three rockets. These air-powered rockets weigh only an ounce and the stomp rockets have soft, nonpointy tips and are very light. The kit is easily assembled with easy-fit pieces and the launcher is adjustable so you can point the rockets at different angles.

Stomp on stomp pad and propel the stomp rocket up to 400 feet! The harder you stomp it, the higher it flies! A crowd pleaser and great for some fun on the beach and at home.

Manufacturer recommended age is 12 years+ since children in this age group have enough strength to jump on the stomp pad and shoot the rockets themselves. However, it is a great toy for younger kids with adult supervision where the adult does the jumping! Kids are amazed at how far these rockets can fly and adults can wear themselves out jumping on the stomp pads!! Great FUN!

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday, 02 February 2005.
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