Profi E-Tec by fischertechnik
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Profi E-Tec by fischertechnik

The Profi line of fischertechnik offers the highest quality in construction sets to challenge the most creative and capable imaginations.

Using professional technology standards at the forefront of industry, children and adults alike can explore, create and learn while acquiring the knowledge needed to compete in modern industry. Profi kits are available that utilize solar energy, pneumatic power, electronic sensors and logic gates, and even automotive technology with gearboxes and differentials. All components are built to the highest of German quality design and manufacturing standards. All kits can be combined to create even greater possibilities or utilized with the computing kits for automation. With the Profi series, fischertechnik takes construction sets to a whole new standard of excellence.

The Profi E-Tec teaches some basic concepts: How does an electrical circuit work? What are relays, photo transistors and reed contacts? These and other questions about electrical control and electrical engineering are answered by building and experimenting. The kids are introduced to the world of electronics step-by-step; they learn the principle of pole reversal using functional models and can control a traffic light using a drum switch. With detailed assembly instructions and activity booklet on the subject of "Electrical Engineering".

Ages: 9 years+

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