IR Control Kit by fischertechnik
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IR Control Kit by fischertechnik

The fischertechnik construction kits address a broad range of technology and engineering concepts across a spectrum of ages from 5 years old to adult professionals.

The universal infrared remote-control set is good for all motorised models. It consists of a powerful infrared transmitter and a microprocessor-controlled receiver. It can control up to 3 motors separately. The range is about 10 metres in closed rooms. Other functions include:

  • Variable speed with two motor outputs
  • emergency Off: switches all outputs off
  • Simultaneous control of two motors at one press of a button for models with two drive motors, e.g. track vehicles, fork-lift trucks or mobile robots
  • Steering with automatic reset (servo-function) using additional buttons (not contained)
  • A second receiver (not contained) can be addressed by the transmitter - this will control a total of up to 6 motors

Kit contains detailed instruction manual.

Ages: 7 years+

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