GoGetter Prince & Dragon
GoGetter Prince & Dragon

GoGetter® puzzles are superfun logical brainteasers for one or more players.

GoGetter 3 Prince & Dragon Puzzle is a GoGetter special with pathways on the border of the play-tray and a dragon on one of the puzzle pieces. It's your job to find how the prince is going to find the princess!

The GoGetter puzzles consist of a series of raised images that surround a platform of nine removable tiles, each tile containing one or more segments of a path. Players have to remove the tiles and replace them so the path connects the images shown in the booklet. There are 12 graded challenges, all with several solutions, providing over 40 adventures to solve.

The puzzle set includes a heavy duty colour booklet stored in a side drawer and a clear plastic top that prevents the individual pieces from getting lost.

GoGetter Puzzles have won the following Awards:

  • Speelgoed van het Jaar 2002 (Toy of the Year 2002)
  • Dr Toy's best Vacation Product
  • Parent's Choice Award
Child Development Information

Gogetter Puzzles help in the development of Fine Motor Skills, Visual Perception, Spatial Co-ordination, Problem Solving and Sequencing Skills. It is also recommended as a useful learning tool for someone with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and can be played using non-verbal communication skills.

Ages: 5 to adult.

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