TANTRIX Xtreme Puzzle - Chrome Stand
TANTRIX Xtreme Puzzle - Chrome Stand

The new Tantrix Xtreme puzzle is a more fiendish introduction to Tantrix - it contains eight loop puzzles that are similar to the Discovery puzzles but with an extra twist - the numbers on the back of the tiles are not colour-coded, so the player has to work out which colour the loop will be. Unlike the Tantrix Discovery puzzles, Two new 'pyramid' puzzles that provide an even greater challenge complete the set.

If you really want a challenge, why not add a second Xtreme set, then you can work your way up to a puzzle with 20 tiles, or even more to make even bigger loops!

Tantrix Xtreme tiles are available in a chrome stand. Leave it out on your coffee table and see how long it takes your family and friends to succumb to the temptation to pick it up and have a go!

Child Development Information

Tantrix Xtreme helps in the development of Sequencing skills, Fine Motor Skills, Hand/Eye Co-ordination and Visual Perception. It is also recommended as a useful learning tool for someone with Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, and can be played using 'non-verbal communication' skills.

Ages: 8 - 108 years

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