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Fischertechnik Racing CarFischertechnik is a small division of a firm named Fischerwerke. This is not a toy company, but a manufacturer of world-renowned components for engineering companies. The components were used in their designs to simulate new installations, to debug them, and to train those who would operate the new equipment. Designed with quality and realism in mind, they are still used in industry today. Artur Fischer, the company’s founder, took the firm's expertise in engineering and materials to construct a modeling system of superior quality and capability.

Fischertechnik Logo

Fischertechnik CraneBut why did the company want to get involved in the toy market? The thinking is that if you capture children's attention early on, they will be discontent with any other, inferior construction material. By giving children engineer-quality sets, they will be able to visualize how things interact and how they function mechanically. Now with over three decades of experience and development, the Fischertechnik construction kits and robot kits address a broad range of technology and engineering concepts across a spectrum of ages from 5 years old to adult professionals.

The advantages of Fischertechnik:

  • A clear structure and truly realistic results
  • Fast, safe assembly; no other tools needed
  • First-class materials guarantee safe play, maximum stability and longevity -- Fischertechnik is built to last!
  • Completely compatible with all parts back to 1965
  • New kits exponentially expand the possible ways of developing models
  • Each self-contained kit contains everything you need to build the models
  • All Fischertechnik kits are compatible.

Fischertechnik classification by age

  • Junior - 5 years upwards: The Junior kits ensure success quickly and easily.
  • Universal - 7 years upwards: Many ways to gain an understanding of everyday technology.
    Fischertechnik Universal
  • Profi - 9 years upwards: Sensors, Solar, Pneumatics and more for adult and young engineers. More people than ever can now build a robot with these Profi robot kits!
    Fischertechnik Profi
  • Computing - 12 years upwards: Computer Control Kits - to teach tomorrow‘s technology today. You can build a robot kit and program it with your computer.
  • Industrial / Training - Adult professionals: Computer and PLC controlled models for industry and education. Affordably simulate industrial robots.

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