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Bright Stars is a family-owned business run by two sisters, Claire and Marika. In 2004 we decided to take up a new challenge (call it mid-life crisis if you want!), and inspired by our children (Sara-4years, Martin-7years and Frederique-8years), we had a dream that we could promote and provide unique, interesting and unusual playthings that are educational and fun for children. Three years on, we have built a thrusting relationship with a number of schools and provided them with a large variety of educational toys, games and resources. We have also become the favourite source for numereous customers who have come to rely on us for quality toys and games.

We will continue striving to provide you with toys that stimulate your child’s imagination, that allow creative and meaningful play, and that allow a child to dream and pretend, to learn and have fun...

We will also promote and support the idea that many fun products, including our science kits, games and puzzles, can be used within school curricula and in a classroom setting. For this reason, we have included and will be adding more Classroom Activity Guides for several of our products. Claire, who has a PhD in science, is available to discuss with teachers the endless possibilities of promoting science and learning through play.

Our main inspiration are our children, who teach us continuously how to think like them. They are also our main testers! The enthusiastic feedback of other parents and friends is also invaluable!

Our pledge to our customers is that we will continue looking for high quality toys and games that are beautiful and enjoyable. Above all we will stive to offer an alternative to the commercial brandname products our kids are practically brainwashed into wanting, and which we so often end up buying for want of a better choice.

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